What to Expect at Your First Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship

At first you may find it difficult to relax into the silence. You may be disturbed by the strangeness of the quiet, by distractions outside, or by your own roving thoughts. These sensations are familiar even to seasoned Friends.

Settle into an attitude of waiting and you will find the center of your being where you can know the presence of God.

The silence will remain unbroken for a while, until one of the worshippers feels led to rise and give a spoken message, or ministry. On some occasions the entire hour may pass in silent reflection.

Those who feel led by the Spirit to speak should rise and speak clearly in a voice that can be heard throughout the room. Friends allow time for reflection, at least a few minutes, between messages.

If you are not sure whether your message is guided by a true spiritual leading just wait until you feel comfortable that you are called to speak. If you remain uncertain, you might wish to save your message for "afterthoughts," a brief discussion period that follows worship.

An appointed Friend will end the time of worship by extending a hand in greeting. The handshake passes among all present, and the meeting for worship ends.

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