Children and Youth Programs at Friends Meeting of Austin

Friends Meeting of Austin joyfully welcomes children. We seek to nurture and support the meeting's young people and their families in their spiritual journeys. Children are welcome to participate in meeting for worship and can remain in meeting as long as they and their parents are comfortable. First Day School is open to the children of all members, attenders and visitors for children aged 5 and older. Regular attendance is encouraged, but one-time or irregular attenders are also welcome.

First Day School is held during Meeting for Learning, at 10:00, when all children and adults are engaged in educational activity. Children up to approximately age 4 are provided child care and a brief period of guided activity. This is our Garden House group. Lower Elementary (approximately pre-k to 2nd grade), Upper Elementary (3rd to 5th grades), Junior Young Friends (6th to 8th grades) and Young Friends (9th to 12th grades) comprise the remaining age groupings. Children engage in age-appropriate activities and lessons with teams of volunteer teachers.

Children are encouraged to attend Meeting for Worship with their families as their maturation level permits. Child care is available for the youngest and any children who may find the entire hour of stillness difficult. We would ask that children begin in Meeting and only leave to participate in childcare once, rather than coming in and out of the Meeting room.