Welcome to Quaker Worship

As many candles lighted and put in one place do gently augment the light, it makes it more to shine forth; so when many are gathered together in the same life, there is more of the glory of God.

- Robert Barclay, a seventeenth century Friend

Our Quaker worship service (known as meeting for worship) is a based on silence, a silence of expectation, waiting upon the Light and the power of the Eternal Spirit. There is no appointed minister to start or conduct the meeting. Everyone present shares the responsibility of ministry and worship.

At the start of meeting, Friends seat themselves facing each other and settle into an expectant silence, waiting on the motion of God's Spirit within. After a period of quiet centering, someone may rise and speak as they are led by the promptings of the Spirit. Anyone may speak out of the silence, but no one is expected to do so.

There may be many messages or few. It is not unknown that the entire hour will pass in a deep rich silence. Occasionally a Friend may be moved to minister in song. Sometimes Friends feel a deep communion in the Spirit filled silence. Quakers call this a gathered or covered meeting.

Worship ends in about an hour when an appointed Friend reaches out a hand to his or her neighbor and we all share a handshake and greeting.

For more about what to expect at your first meeting for worship, please continue.