You can order any of these books from the FGC Bookstore or, at a reduced price, from the Friends Meeting of Austin book table.


Howard Brinton, Friends for 350 Years The classic general narrative of Friends history and practices.

Margaret Hope Bacon, The Quiet Rebels - Friends in social action and humanitarian service.

Margaret Hope Bacon, Valiant Friend - The story of Lucretia Mott, Quaker minister, anti-slavery leader, champion of the feminist cause. This is also a good look at the time of the Quaker seperation

Thomas Hamm, The Quakers In America - a concise history of the Society of Friends and a vivid picture of the culture and controversies of the Friends today. Includes lively vignettes of Conservative, Evangelical, Friends General Conference, and Friends United Meetings, reflecting Friends' diversity.

Quaker Classics

George Fox, edited by John Nickalls, The Journal Of George Fox

William Penn, as translated by Paul Buckly, Twenty-first Century Penn - five key texts in readable English.

John Woolman, edited by Phillips Moulton, The Journal And Major Essays Of John Woolman

Robert Barclay, edited by Dean Freiday Barclay's Apology In Modern English - the classic systematic statement of Quaker faith by the first Quaker theologian, edited and re-written in modern English.

Rufus Jones, edited by Kerry Walters, Rufus Jones, Essential Writings - a collection of writings of a well-beloved Quaker mystic and social activist.


Jessamyn West, Quaker Reader - a comprensive sampling of Quaker writings throughout our history

Douglas Steere, Quaker Spirituality, Selected Writings - Includes extensive selections from the writings of George Fox, Isaac Penington, John Woolman, Caroline Stephen, Rufus Jones and Thomas Kelly.

Early Quaker writers, edited by Hugh Barbour and Arthur Roberts, Early Quaker Writings, 1650-1700

Early Quaker women, edited by Mary Garmen and others, Hidden In Plain Sight: Quaker Women's Writings 1650 - 1700

Worship and Spirituality

Thomas Kelly, A Testament Of Devotion - five compelling essays that urge us to center our lives on God's presence. You must get a copy of this for your own. We all love it deeply.

Patricia Loring, Listening Spirituality, Volume 2, Corporate Spiritual Practice Among Friends examines how Friends communal practice in meeting is a spiritually formative influence on us, and an expression of the transformed life we seek to lead together.

Friends and Social Concern

Margaret Hope Bacon, Mothers Of Feminism, The Story Of Quaker Women In America - a survey of the many Quaker Women Pioneers

Michael Birkel, A Near Sympathy, The Timeless Quaker Wisdom Of John Woolman Woolman's deep spiritual life empowered him to engage the world as a witness on behalf of the disenfranchised, and for the earth and all its creatures. The book includes a group discussion guide.

Quaker Business and Practice

North Pacific Yearly Meeting, Faith and Practice -- Full text on our web site.

Michael J. Sheeran, Beyond Majority Rule